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  MirCorp 1999 - 2003
Bringing People Together In Space.


  • December, 1999—Negotiations begin between Walt Anderson and his team, including Rick Tumlinson, and RSC Energia
  • January, 2000—Jeffrey Manber brought in as CEO by consent of both parties.
  • February—Lease is agreed to giving MirCorp marketing rights to the Mir space station. It is a commercial lease, making the company responsible until the “first coat of paint.”
  • February-March—Team is assembled; Russian government makes decision to support RSC Energia and boost the space station orbit higher, giving it a new lease on life.
  • March—Mission is planned, first private mission in history, to re-open the shut space station.
  • April-June—Cosmonauts blast off for the station, re-open the hatch and prepare to warm up and evaluate the station. Space research is undertaken. The leak is located and repaired.
  • April—Cargo ship arrives to restock the station.
  • June—First Citizen Explorer (Dennis Tito) is announced.

Subsequently, additional financing was not forthcoming from the original investors. The political pressure against the project from NASA was both private and public, and the decision was made to end the project, and bring down the space station.

On the 23rd of March, 2001, the Mir was de-orbited.

MirCorp eventually was selected to work with *NSync pop star Lance Bass in his unsuccessful effort to fly into space, as well as former NASA Associate Administrator Laura Garver’s efforts.

MirCorp was closed in 2003.